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Professor Roger Alexander


Professor Roger Alexander

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Gateway Business College. At GBC we aspire to become a leading global business school preparing graduates for active leadership roles in their profession. We focus on an organisational culture and teaching and learning philosophy which provides students with a quality education and the skills to ensure that each student can succeed both personally and professionally and make

a significant contribution to their community and profession.

GBC offers students a modern and innovative curriculum and a learning and teaching philosophy that allows students to find the right balance to suit their learning styles and to develop industry knowledge and "work-ready" skills. We focus on the development of graduates for the new world of business in the 21st century and strive to ensure that our graduates have both the academic and practical skills required for success.

Our facilities are excellent. Each classroom is equipped with video and a data projector, our computer laboratories have full internet and email facilities and are available to students outside class times and our library provides study facilities, computer access and books, journals, magazines, and electronic resources and databases.

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We have an extensive student support network to provide help and advice at each stage of your journey with us. Starting your degree is a life change that is both exciting and challenging. Each semester will bring a range of new experiences and challeng

You will:

  • learn new things and make new friends
  • become more flexible and critical in your thinking
  • develop the skills and knowledge needed for your future career
  • become an independent and active learner - take the initiative; plan your workload; meet deadlines; organise your time.
Welcome to GBC

We are here for you and to help you all along the way but remember that to get the full benefits from your time at GBC you must:

  • work hard
  • open your mind
  • be prepared to do new things and old things in new ways
  • focus on your ultimate goal - your degree and a successful career
  • talk to your lecturers and ask questions
  • seek help if you are finding the going tough

We will help you to learn about yourself; we will expand your worldview; we will give you the opportunity to try new ways of thinking and to develop the skills and knowledge for a successful career.

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