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Prof. Kevin Daly

PhD, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

Professor Kevin Daly joined the University of Western Sydney (Macarthur) as an Associate Lecturer in 1993; prior appointments included Senior Tutor in Economics at the University of Adelaide, Lecturer in Business Studies at the University of Brighton (UK) and Economics and Finance Tutor at Sussex University.

Before joining academia Kevin worked at various positions in Merchant Banking in the City of London. Kevin holds a BA (Hons) Economics, and MA (Economics Analysis and Policy) University of Sussex and a PhD University of Western Sydney (Macarthur).

Prof. Kevin's research passion revolves around applied finance and open economy macroeconomics; researching the effects of financial volatility on real economic activity.

Kevin's PhD thesis was published as a book by Ashgate in 1997. Examples of his research focus includes an examination of the extent to which exchange rate volatility affects trade (Japan and the World Economy), an investigation of the extent to which financial instability affects the poor in developing countries (Asia Pacific Journal of Economics and Business. 2008), an empirical study of the extent to which volatility in interest rates affect the availability and affordability of credit (International Review of Financial Analysis. 2010), analysing how oil price volatility impacts on stock prices (Emerging Markets Review 2010), estimating the determinants of foreign direct investment and portfolio investment (Australian Economic Review 2006),analysing the determinants of house prices and the affordability of housing (Journal of International Business Research 2010).

Current research interests focuses on banking in China and Vietnam, foreign direct investment in China and Vietnam and financial volatility of stock markets in South East Asia.

Prof. Boualem Benatallah

PhD, MSc Computer Science, B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science

Professor Benatallah provides discipline, teaching and research leadership in the School of Computer Science and Engineering. His leadership and expertise spans Service oriented computing, API Engineering and Management, Quality control in crowd sourcing, Cognitive services engineering, Data curation, Cognitive process management and Cloud services orchestration.

Professor Benatallah is a significant international research academic with an illustrious teaching record in Information Technology. Prof. Benatallah joined James Cook University as Lecturer in 1998 and also worked with Queensland University of Technology as a researcher and Lecturer. Presently Scientia Professor at the University of NSW Prof. Benatallah has over 2 decades association with UNSW. Prof. Benatallah has published 10 Books, 11 Book Chapters, 95 Journal articles (refereed research papers), 191 Conference Papers, Served as Editor for 14 Conference Proceedings, 1 Conference Poster & 5 Other types of miscellaneous publications.

Dr. Lucia Carrion Gordon

PhD from University of Technology Sydney

Dr Lucia Carrion Gordon is an Academic Staff, Experienced Senior Lecturer specialised in Business Information Systems, Data Analytics and Digital Innovations. She has developed subject outlines and Assessment proposals as a Content Writer and Reviewer in multiple Australian Universities. She has been active member in Academic and Course Advisory Boards in private educational institutions.

One of the main contributions in the educational field is the Course and Program Coordination on Higher Education, Guidance in Master's Projects and the development of Teaching and Learning skills. The improvement in the skills development of the students is one of the priorities as lecturing strategy. The dynamic content and the use of innovative technologies are the best guidelines for the learning path.

She is a member in Research Centres at UTS as an active researcher and technological professional who seeks where can leverage leaning and educational skills and experience in development of innovative ideas. She is able analyse data in different manners to optimise and produce effective and accurate information.

Lucia holds Systems and Computation Engineering, Master in IT Management and PhD in Computer Sciences. Under her technical contributions she holds multiple Publications as author on International Journals, Conferences and Book Chapters.

Dynamic and self-motivated person who enjoys collaborating with team members in order to achieve successful project outcomes. Adaptive, dedicated and fast-learning person with excellent attitude to share knowledge. Organizing skills development and research analysis are the major areas of her professional development.

Prof. Roger Alexander

PhD, Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Before taking up Dean’s role with Gateway Business College Prof. Alexander was Dean of a diverse Faculty and Professor of Product Innovation and led the establishment of new bachelor degree programs, Research Masters and PhD programs during the establishment phase of University of Western Sydney. Prof. Alexander was a senior member of the University of Western Sydney Macarthur leadership team and led the development of the Faculty through staff recruitment and development and extensive course and program development. Under Prof. Alexander’s leadership new programs were developed including:

  • Bachelor degrees across Business (including international business), Design & Technology, Science and Engineering and Information Technology
  • MBA (international Business), Coursework Master Degrees in Information Technology, International Business and Tourism Management
  • Research Masters and PhD Programs across a range of disciplines spanning Business, Management (including Hotel and Tourism Management), IT, Design & Technology)

Prof. Alexander established the first trans-national programs for UWS Macarthur throughout the SE Asia Region and was responsible for the leadership and management of over 120 academic and administrative staff across business, management and technical disciplines. Prof. Alexander established two Faculty Research Centres with an international focus: Centre for Asian Studies and the Australia-Singapore Centre.

Among other senior academic roles Prof. Roger has also been Executive Director, UNSW Foundation Studies Division academic and executive leadership for the development, delivery and quality of international student pathways and preparation for study at the University of NSW. Prof. Alexander undertook full executive responsibility for all aspects of the Division including return on investment with direct responsibility to the Board of Directors.

Student Representative : TBA

Dr. Jimmy Xun Gong

PhD (UOW), Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting (First Class Honours, University Medal, UOW)

Jimmy holds a PhD degree in Accounting. He specialises in qualitative research, including Political Economy of Accounting, the adoption and implication of the International Financial Reporting Standards, accounting annual reports, accountability, financialisation, and China’s socialist market economy. Before joining Gateway Business College, Jimmy worked as a lecturer and the Master of Professional Accounting Programme director at the University of Wollongong (UOW) since 2017. He also worked as a casual academic at the University of Sydney from 2015 to 2016. He has been teaching a wide range of accounting subjects at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels including financial accounting, management accounting, taxation law, and accounting theory. For the past 11 years, he has won numerous teaching awards at both USYD and UOW, including the Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Award at UOW in 2017.

Dr. Dorothea Bowyer

PhD University of Western Sydney

Dr. Dorothea Bowyer is a lecturer at Western Sydney University since 2004 and is passionate about integrating teaching and research so that each stimulates the other in a ‘modern’ classroom. Her research focuses on linking theoretical knowledge to the contemporary nature of the business world.

The scope of her research is to focus on students’ lack of practical hands-on experience throughout their academic careers and the overall call for soft skill development in tertiary education curricula. She is a strong believer in seeing students as curriculum partners and supports the view of engaging in partnership pedagogy as the way forward for Higher Education.

The dissertation topic of her PhD on developing a Stakeholder performance assessment model to assess Sydney Airport Privatisation received recognition by the American Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) Foundation for Applied Research (FAR) for applying qualitative software packages to her stakeholder data analysis; Dr Bowyer received external recognition as Early Career Researcher and is very passionate about strategic management accounting and conducts research in the area of airport infrastructure development, Australian regional aviation and supervises PhD students with an interest in assisting SME growth and succession planning.

Professional Memberships

  • CPA Australia (2011)
  • CPA ASA (2006 - 2011)
  • AFAANZ (2009 - 2014)

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