Mission & Core Values

GBC's core mission is to become a successful and reputable Australian higher education provider. Our guiding principle is to develop and maintain an institutional environment in which freedom of intellectual inquiry is held in the highest regard and protected as a core value. GBC has shown its commitment to quality education in its VET courses, and we intend to further this commitment in higher education by offering high-quality qualifications and working with students to develop the real-world skills, attitudes and values needed to guide their success in their chosen career paths.

GBC’s overarching mission is to:

  • Hold freedom of intellectual inquiry as a core guiding principle;
  • Develop and deliver outstanding, rigorous, and innovative curriculum at all levels;
  • Build integrity and transparency into all GBC operations;
  • Maintain GBC's commitment to continuous improvement across all higher education operations.
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Our values are:

  • To maintain academic integrity across all aspects of the organisation and higher education operation;
  • To ensure the quality of higher education and services are assured and continually monitored, reviewed and improved;
  • To maintain a student-centred approach, that engages a broad range of perspectives and student learning needs and adapts teaching and learning methods accordingly;
  • To promote a diverse and inclusive educational environment where everyone is treated with respect;
  • To encourage student participation in decision-making and direction setting.


GBC is committed to integrity across all its operations. Operating in an ethical manner with integrity will strengthen GBC's reputation as an Australian higher education institution.




GBC has an operating and organisational structure designed to ensure that every aspect of its operations and services are quality assured, continually monitored, review

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